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Maddjakallss are a dynamic duo who met back in 2009 dancing and prancing together in a community interactive performance as the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire cat in a land from far far away.

They became friends for life and soon ran a creative collaborative studio which was the hub of all things Maddjakall and meaningful from their creative minds.

Their colourful projects and extensive adventures led them to many unusual places where they always find ways to make smiling faces. They finally fell in love in 2017 and have been inseparable and inspired ever since. Everything they create comes from the joyful wonderland of their grateful hearts and souls.

In 2018 through a majikal portal of love, colour and bright connectivity they materialised their only child, Jelly, the rainbow jellyfish. An active member of the team he conducts cheek, installs laughter and thinks he runs the whole show. The truth is, he probably does.

The trinity complete, Jelly is the little Maddjakall energy that sees everything remains true to order; fun, love and the care free nature of creativity.

Contact us at: AttractingAttention@protonmail.com