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2021 Luxembourg Art Prize.
Its not the winning but the taking part that counts - Pierre de Coubertin

Luxembourgh Art Prize
Luxembourgh Art Prize
Luxembourgh Art Prize
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“Being there for a child, is the most noble thing a toy can do.”

- Sheriff Woody

In the beginning was a jacket and the jacket gave life to everything thereafter. Through alchemy we transform childhood relics into majikal items.

Attracting Attention to the Golden era of our most majikal memories: play.

Inspiration for the submission brings back to life the fun of childish endeavours in a time where the world is full of confirming to the current norms of over-adulting. Bespoke items for attracting the attention of your inner child and your outer expression.

The entry was not a winner yet so much fun and magic was created in the making, that taking part was the actual prize. Next steps...create more jackets for bespoke online orders. Just the way to lovingly retain your favourite toys and teddys from your own childhood memories.

In the meantime...while we create fabulous things to attract your attention...

Art Prize

YOU can own the photoshoot chair!!!

Ever feel like there is something AWESOME missing from your life??? - This is it!

This fabulous orange faux fur and teddy bear covered arm chair is a totally unique one off piece you wont find anywhere else. Sturdy, stylish and comfortable. The teddy bears were carefully deconstructed and machine sewn into fabric lengths to create the chair arms and wings, then hand stictched and fabrication stapled to the main body of the chair. Then the padding reinserted to the teddy legs and feet. All bears and fabric had CE labels prior to being deconstructed.

This chair needs to be in someones life. It is so fluffy and bright and cheerful. It is utterly eye catching and great fun. It makes everyone smile! Take it for FREE (although you must arrange collection) and you will be supporting emerging artists, while you relax in style!

Please note as the item was made for a photo shoot it may appear in future marketing images and is not made for heavy use. Contact us for details of collection - serious enquiries only please.