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The Maddjakall Kingdom of Foreverland.

Foreverland was a term we started using whenever we talked about our dream of a self sustainable, permaculture system for living and thriving, somewhere in the sunshine. We could always see an undulating abundant beautiful piece of land. A rich diversity of nature, lots of trees, crops, herbs and small festival style living dwellings. We laughed as we proclaimed that our biggest structures would likely be our bespoke workshops with all our favourite tools, excessive hooks, nooks and crannies for storage and wide spaces for making epic things of large proportions.

We could imagine running an eco friendly casual camp site for walkers and wanderers, weary from their days hike and looking for somewhere ready and rustic to replenish and recuperate. As sovereign beings we would set all of this up using Natural Law and a barter system. We were done with the inequality of money and preferred to exchange with others by way of trade, time swaps, barter, generosity and gratitude. With cash as a last resort. We have both found these moments of inter-connected trades, to be the most beneficial and fruitful exchanges of both our business success and our personal experiences. So of course we want to keep working with the flow of gratitude, rather than the enslavement of the corporate money system.

All of these dreams and ideas came together in 2020 when we decided, enough was enough. We had burnt ourselves out doing up yet another stepping stone property, to make some profit for the next step. We decided the time was right to take a leap, straight over any more stepping stones, straight to GO! Let’s just go for the dream and make it work. Our life’s research and guided learning led us to Portugal.

We walked onto Foreverland on a Portuguese winter’s day in November. It had everything we had manifested by the magic of the moon and our higher selfs. It had everything we asked for times three!! It was even triangular in shape, so powerful! With two rivers that joined and ran the length of the perimeter. It has four wells. Three buildings, although two need considerable work. However we are not shy to hard manual labour. It is south facing, close to Spain and a very special Holy Mountain to the West. There is such a range of diversity on it, we will have so many stunning vistas and areas to make our own. It will provide a steady income from the Cork trees, the Olives and the grapes. It was absolutely incredible, affordable and emotional to discover.

Both of us had our own individual moments where the beauty and the energy of what the land was showing us, overwhelmed us, and moved us to tears of joy. It spoke to us in great waves of opportunity.

We now own Foreverland outright and are at the very beginning of a life long journey to create our dream. Once we have put in some of the basic infrastructure, we will open our gates, arms and hearts to other Natural Law abiding beings, looking to live and thrive in sympathy to the rhythm of Foreverland and its Permaculture system.

We intend to supply our own clean water, grow our own food, recycle, reuse and repurpose everything. Zero waste means we will find ingenious ways to deal with all waste matter, be it through long term compost techniques or the appropriate fungi to remove toxins.


Foreverland will be a hive of activity as well as a tranquil retreat. We will embark for our first years building the infrastructure and spaces to help us further the plans. We are both in awe of the beauty around us and the different pace of life this affords us to live by. The excitement towards the first major structure we build, for the purpose of a workshop, is extreme and quite hilariously ridiculous!

Of the charts to be fair! But crucial, so that we can then go on to build our living accommodation, renovate the quinta and continue to generate our Maddjakall work. We will be testing innovative approaches to solar power, battery power storage , gravity fed water systems, river fed swimming pools, natural outdoor living spaces, yurts, campervans, tree hung tents, hammocks the works.

We will let the land speak to us as the experiments begins. Are you in?

Anyone interested in a rustic ‘leave no trace’ holiday in Portugal and who is willing to collaborate for a space on our land is welcome. We have an abundance of gratitude and good food and comfort for anyone who can offer some help with a HUGE variety of tasks. It doesn’t matter if you have a skill, trade, or not. There is plenty to do for everyone. We would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, our updates will be here for all to share in our progress.

Foreverland; where every sovereign being can be part of the Maddjakall Kingdom.