Nithraid 2018 - Ritual Engagement

The theme from The Stove Network and Blueprint100 for the commission of the 2018 Nithraid pre-event community engagement was Ritual. This appealed to the Maddjakallss mission of bringing a sense of majik and intrigue to the community of Dumfries.

Our message is simple yet universal: see the magic all around you, love your town, be in the moment, connect with others and rejoice.

MJK created an inclusive and interactive engagement programme and ran a total of ten workshops talking about the magic of geometric shapes, the meaning of majik in numbers, basic procession instruments, drumming sessions and all were linked in to local history and symbolism. Participants of young and old created their own platonic shape from a flat template and decorated it to be carried as they took part in the procession.


Apache land, is the brainchild of The Sandside Community Garden Project Association: a small committee of committed community members who formed in 2016 with big ideas and big energy. Maddjakallss have worked in collaboration with SGCPA to concoct and conduct several community engagement exercises/workshops. All with creativity and connection at the core. Workshops have included. Mind mapping, visual planning, spray painting, gate building, sign painting, fabric dying and painting, flag making, performance and play.

Maddjakallss throughly enjoyed our time with the enthusiastic members of SGCPA and would like to thank them for getting us involved.

Anxiety 6 week course

Maddjakallss are made up of a collective of artists and performers with a range of skills and talents. One of the Maddjakalls co-producers is a qualified Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Counsellor (Dip) This enables the Maddjakallss team to bring therapeutic outcomes to many of the workshops they deliver. Improving and impacting on peoples coping skills, health and well being.

The Anxiety workshop was run over six weeks and included sessions for people with anxiety, panic, social skills confidence and stress. The sessions included CBT and Anxiety, how to make stress your friend, Worry, Trying out new things, Vulnerability & courage, Creative distractions and personal adventures of success and were delivered in a safe and secure environment in an interactive and fun CBT approach.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a way of looking at your life experiences and the way you think, behave and act. It can help people understand their unique coping skills and develop kindness towards self when life is challenging. Each session had specific learning outcomes which were delivered in a range of interactive activities and based on the most current clinical and behavioural evidence towards appropriate and successful personalised outcomes, while being light hearted, fun and tailored to help everyone present.


Throughout the performance of nighttime for the Big Burns Supper 2018, Maddjakallss created a learning experience for their audience using performance and storytelling as a platform. This allowed the community to engage with local history, philosophoical concepts and esoteric teachings in a fun and friendly manner. Inspiring a desire for community members to get involved in the regeneration of their town.

Nighttime was a one off event, and forms part 1 of an ever evolving story. Maddjakalls are currently working on part 2. Owing to the nature of nighttime we can adapt it to suit any towns local history, if
you are interested in hosting a majikal mystery tour of your town please get in touch.