Maddjakallss are a Dumfries based production and performance arts company who create majikal things and do amazing stuff.

We specialise in: pyrotechnics; sacred geometry; platonic shapes; storytelling; majik and mystery; illusion and delusion; performance and perfection.

Maddjakallss work on bespoke creations which deserve considered and bespoke quotes.  We operate upon a scale of contribution and reciprocation. This doesn’t always start with money.

Our projects thrive on the local platforms and the connections we develop.

Some of the best opportunities we have experienced come from exchanging time, swapping skills and sharing resources. It is this exchange of energy that has truly brought the majik to Maddjakallss. We are eternally grateful.

We provide a ‘Contract of Gratitude’ to those we collaborate with, to place altruism at the heart of our work.  Click here to see one of our contracts.

Maddjakallss could not happen without the amazing skills of the photographers, wordsmiths, designers, performers and contractors we work with.

This page is all about them.

Blessings to all.


Special acknowledgements to:

Coco Creative Design – COCO Creative Design is a Dumfries based entrepreneur employs a contemporary approach. drawing inspiration from popular culture and trends in visual communication and colour. Inspired by technological and cultural developments, their creative process gives rise to an ever-evolving style and aesthetic that makes beautiful graphics for any print or digital design.


Zanzebeatz are an African Drumming group based in Dumfries. They perform at a range of events across Scotland as well as run a drumming club in Dumfries.

Galina Walls – PORTRAIT AND EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER IN DUMFRIES. Specialising in urban, portrait,
arts and performance and editorial photography, covering Dumfries, Glasgow and Carlisle area.

Small Axe is an established business that goes above and beyond to deliver not only any gigantic and impressive creative design but event management skills.

Small Axe creates, generates and instigates. Fantastic hand made creations. Large scale carnival installations and coordinator and organiser of all things related to the weird and the wonderful. The little woman with massive props.

Some people try to do weird and it ends up just plain awkward. When Small Axe does weird, its always wildy impressive and wonderfully weird. Small Axe have a wide reaching swing that cuts through and delivers on everything.

Small Axe contributions to the Maddjakalls include creating more hours in the day, keeping everything running to order in such a way that its written in stone, on ley lines and interplanetary maps. Creates something out of nothing and bedazzles us with the amount they do often with little resources.

Plain speaking fellow wordsmith of epic proportions, this partner company collaborate with Maddjakalls in a way that brings everyone to a point of awe. How Small Axe do it is a Maddjakall mystery to us all. And one we honour greatly.

“To the big tree, be the small axe.” Bob Marley

Digital Social Web – The team behind our brand new website. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have an idea you’re looking to develop, they offer all the digital, social and web services you need to make your business grow.

Mask Digital Template designed and accredited to Wintercroft

Maddjakallss love the digital mask templates provided by an amazing small company called Wintercroft. Check out their web pages here for cool mask templates! Wintercroft –

Their digital net templates come in a range of fabulous low polygon shapes and sizes. Providing amazing structures to bring to life with our own materials and decorative design.

Huge kudos to Wintercroft and heres hoping we get to collaborate in the coming projects.